Susan Aihoshi


Susan and her mother Molly (nee Iwasaki) Aihoshi. Susan and mum

Doubly content—in a bookshop and in Venice. Venice Bookshop

Drawing and writing with Caydence, using sidewalk chalk. Caydence and me

Reading with Aidan at Nana's house. Reading with Aidan

Lucy finds a crab while we hunt for oysters in the Pacific northwest. Lucy and Crab

This photo was taken in Williams Lake, B.C. in 2009 when I interviewed my mother's childhood friend Margaret (right) and her sister Ina for Torn Apart. Williams Lake

Toronto from the air, as seen on a return flight from Vancouver. Toronto From Air

Dungeness Spit on the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula. Dungeness Spit

Relaxing under the big tree at our friends' home in Cayuta, New York. Their hammock has been a favourite summer spot of mine for many years. Cayuta Hammock

My husband Roger and I in Steveston, B.C. Susan & Roger Steveston

Pacey and Caydence with someone who looks a lot like Santa Claus. Kids and Santa

I was ecstatic to be able to ride in this 1942 Ford sedan, meticulously restored by Josh Coyle of Charleston, South Carolina. Me and 1942 Ford

Signing books for Scholastic at the 2012 OLA Superconference. OLA signing

All photos copyright Susan Aihoshi except as indicated.